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ReferAFriend.CO - MiniWebSite for Micro bussines

Use our cool software to FreeUp time and get more customers.

Compatible with Mobile, Apple, Windows and Chrom.
  • Save time!

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    Online appointment service.

    The system is working for you, filling in availble spots, Email and Text Alletrs

  • Social networks

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    Let your customers spread the word for you.

    Invite friends, tell them about your site, available events etc'

  • Mini-Website

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    How hard it could be not to worry?

    We manages your site, changes, upgrades,payments we take care of it all.

Base plan


  • SEO
  • Pretty URL
  • Email reminders
  • SMS reminders
  • Site + Facebook integration
  • Items per month
  • Events per month
  • Risk free
  • Included Text per month
  • Included Emails per month
  • Email unit cost
  • Text unit cost
  • Payment Cycle
  • Regular Price
  • Promotion discount
  • Final Plan
    Price per month

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Founder Founder & Leader
Technical director Technical Director
Creative Creative Director

Are you providing a time based service?

⦿ Do you need help to market and manage your business, at a very very low cost?

⦿ Do you have room for more customers?

⦿ Do you need help manage the ones you have?

⦿ Do you want to reduce lates and cancelation by 30%?

⦿ Do want to be mobile friendly?

⦿ Is your web site getting outdated with no content?

online appointment and marketing features

Manage appointments. The system will send reminders to your customers

Let your customer book appointment on their own time and fill open sessions faster.

Use our social media step by step process to connect with your customers and let your customers increase refferals for you.

Let us boost your customer base, and do online marketing for you.

Join forcess with other bussines to increase your customer base!


✔ Setup a store in minutes.

✔ Online Appointments.

✔ Automated Email and SMS reminders.


✔ Customer management.

✔ Referral Engine, allow customers and you promote your services to their friends and their friends, friends....

✔ Google online Marketing, SEM

✔ Allow main search engines to find you.

✔ Sales dashboard.


✔ Social integration for promotions and marketing (FaceBook and Twitter).

✔ Customer management.


✔ Amazon e-commerce integration.

✔ Customers can pay online or by cash/check

✔ Cancel/Refund payments

✔ In store credits management

online appointment and marketing features
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