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ReferAFriend.CO was born from the passion of a technology and business operations expert while setting up a small business to his spouse, and through the pain that a micro business has to go through when creating or trying to grow their company.

10 years ago, a small business had 4-5 ways to market their business, Yellow pages, Print, Mailing, News paper, door to door or telemarketing and by driving good word of mouth.

In the past 10 years technology evolved dramatically where yellow pages and print lost their position as the main marketing tool, competing with more efficient online channels. Not only that the online channels has 20 different ways to make them efficient, growth of the big enterprises is leaving small chance to local and small business entrepreneurs. Refer a friend offer a bridge to micro business in the form of event scheduling and marketing business automation. In the last recession, big enterprise returned to higher profits just after 18 months through cost cutting and more efficient marketing channels, leaving small business behind, not able to return to their pre recession profits.

Feeling that pain, we took the mission to provide micro business with technology and tools to manage their business using a simple and single platform to mange and market their business through any social platform.

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Single platform that allow service providers like Pilates trainers, massage therpist, hair and nail saloon to manage customers, inventory and market their servicess to target and potential clients.

System features:

  • Customer management.
  • Event/Service scheduling.
  • Event/Services automated notofication.
  • Publish to social network.
  • Lead generation and Marketing tools.
  • Amazon/PayPal/Cash billing system.
  • Dashboard.
  • * Employee and 1099.
  • * Inventory management.
  • * Ivoicing.

All at super low cost allowing them to focus on what they do best and maximise their revenue potential.

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Satisfaction guarantee - First three months are free, and you can cancel at any time afterwards.Laughing

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